About Use

Faiomall is an amazingly user-friendly freelance platform that includes:

Freelance shop

Freelancing is an opportunity to save money, time and nerves. But such savings are only possible when the freelance platform is focused on results. In this regard, work, being a marketplace, has a huge advantage over any other freelance exchanges.

Tens of thousands of freelancers arrange their services in the form of Faiomalls that can be bought in one click ... That is, the services and work of the performers are sold as goods, and this saves a lot of time, money and nerves. Ideal for typical services: logos, banners, SEO, etc.

And most importantly, the catalog and search for services are configured in such a way that you see the best offers based on the reviews, quality and responsibility of the freelancer. If a performer works poorly, his corks go far down, we do not show them to customers. Therefore, at Faiomall, you deal with great performers who are trying to get the job done by five.

In addition, the store is ideal for buying freelance services when you do not have a clear technical specification - you just choose the service that suits you best. No experience in freelancing - start with the store, even a child will figure it out.

Freelance exchange

You create an assignment and it becomes available to thousands of freelancers who can send you suggestions. It remains only to choose the best and get started. This approach to freelancing is ideal for solving large and unique challenges.

A distinctive feature of the Faiomall exchange is the quality of applications from freelancers. If you have ever worked on other exchanges, then you know what a pain it is to receive a lot of irrelevant offers from performers who have not even read the text of your assignment. But on Faiomall, everything is different - thanks to the special functionality, any freelancer has to value every application sent. Therefore, the overwhelming majority of the received proposals come from the performers, who carefully familiarized themselves with the essence of the problem and immediately propose one or another solution.

And one more important point, on the freelance exchange and in the Faiomall store, payment for orders goes through the system, the contractor receives money only when you approve the result. In case of delay, the money can be returned to your account in one click.

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